an immersive experience to
practice the subtle arts of feminine sexual wellness
in an intimate gathering of women
Five Week Program
Starting October 17
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Only 12 Spots Available!
REGISTRATION ENDS October 3, 2019 
or when the course is full
Call, text, or email TODAY to setup an 
informational interview
Heart Mind & Body Collective
2716 Erie Ave, 2nd Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45208
about the instructor
Emily Rae Davies
Emily Rae Davies is creator Yoga for Sexual Wellness and co-founder of the School for Feminine Wisdom. She specializes in supporting her students in removing the obstacles holding them back from their self-healing. As a thought leader for the modern woman, her mission is to support all women in liberating themselves from any constraints preventing them from living their best life and aligning themselves with their deepest passion and most complete expression of themselves. Her continuing education includes philosophy, psychology, sexual healing through Tantra, Egyptian, and Taoist sexual arts, and certification to work with those with emotional trauma.
 - @EmilyRaeYoga -
  •  Learn to strengthen your love muscles effectively
  •  Program your mind towards positive body image and receiving pleasure 
  •  Let go of your old story and actualize your authentic potential
  •  Enter a sisterhood of women who genuinely want to see you grow
Looking for a program focused on the physical healing without the emotional and spiritual processing?
Check out....
  • Yoga Stretches: To increase blood flow to the pelvic region
  • Core Stability Exercises: Learn healthy postural alignment while retraining groups of muscles to work together to support you from your core
  • Mind-Body Connection: Anatomical visual aids, haptic feedback, and proprioceptive awareness will help you build a solid and sustainable mind-body connection with your pelvic tissues, bones, and the organs they hold
  •  Proper Breathing: To support the sustainability of the mind-body connection to your pelvic region, and to help you regulate the nervous system
  •  Relaxation Exercises: All effort (yang) will be balanced with relaxation (yin) for optimal health and function
For any questions, you can also reach me by email at...
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