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Every woman's journey to sexual wellness is unique and personal - and sometimes personalized support is the most effective way to acheive your desired outcome! 

The Yoga for Sexual Wellness coaching program is designed to take you to your next level. 

It is for women who are ready for real change and ready to connect with themsevles on a deeply authentic level.

Are ready to feel more connected, more alive, and more sensual inside of your body so you can be happier, healthier, and have much better sex?

    Yoga for Sexual Wellness Outcomes
    • A sense of personal freedom & expression
    • ​Healthy & happy pelvic floor and yoni
    • Increased orgasmic potential - with deeper and more intense orgasms
    • ​Feel amazing in your own skin
    • ​Confidence in asking for you need to feel satisfied
    • ​Better management of sexual energy
    • ​Feeling more joy
    • ​Greater satisfaction in relationships and life
    • ​Feeling vastly connected to your femininity and the Divine Feminine

    Want to see if this is the right 
    coaching program for you?

    Book a 15-minute phone consultation 
    with me today.

    Individual Sessions $100/hr

    12-week coaching package for $997
    Twelve 1-hour sessions over 12 weeks 
    Home practices via video, audio, and handouts  

    1:1 or Small Group

    (custom packages available, let's talk it over)

    How does Yoga for Sexual Wellness coaching work?
    • Spiritual coaching - we'll work together to determine any blockages preventing you from living in your full sexual and sensual potential
    • Clarity of your unique pathway - what type of sexual person are you?
    • ​Optimize the mind-body connection to pelvic floor and sex organs via yogic practices and didactic anatomy & physiology
    • Deepen & intensify sexual sensation through Love Muscle Mastery
    • Awaken to your authentic feminine essence by releasing inhibiting and limiting beliefs around sex, body, pleasure, femininity
    • Pleasure in presence - become wired for pleasure and joy in sex and life 
    • Holistic sex education - pleasure anatomy training, tips and techniques for exploring new avenues of pleasure, introduction to cross-cultural practices for working with sexual healing & sacred sexuality
    • Spiritual and emotional support as you sink into your feminine essence and ride the waves of the orgasmic cycle

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    Consultations are 100% confidential with zero obligation

    meet the creatrix
    Emily Rae Davies
    Emily Rae Davies is a Feminine Embodiment Coach, philosopher, lover, mother of two, and the creator Yoga for Sexual Wellness.  She specializes in supporting her students in removing the obstacles holding them back from their self-healing. As a thought leader for the modern woman, her mission is to support all women in liberating themselves from any constraints preventing them from living their best life and aligning themselves with their deepest passion and most complete expression of themselves. Her continuing education includes anatomy & physiology, Eastern philosophy, spiritual psychology, trauma healing, Eastern sexual healing arts, and certification to work with those with dis-ease and emotional trauma.
     -Facebook & Instagram  @EmilyRaeYoga -
    My goal as your personal coach is to support you in reclaiming the fullness of your sexual vitality by reclaiming your innate power to heal your body & mind, and live in your potential. If you feel disconnected from your body, your pleasure, or you're not feeling yourself - reach out to me to see if Yoga for Sexual Wellness is the right program to help you achieve your intended results. 

    Upcoming Events

    Women's Circle

    For female forms who desire a supportive circle of women to share & witness one another as we evolve our sexual story & fully embody our authentic feminine essence. 

    Activities may include: guided meditation, journaling, vocal tuning/mantra, personal share, and witnessing other women (non-judgemental, non-care-taking listening).
    Check back for upcoming event dates <3

    Online Course Coming Soon!

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