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Question 1:
A. What makes you think you are in a place in life where you are ready to make the necessary changes to succeed?
B. What was your "Line-in-the-Sand" moment? 
Question 2:
A. What is happening in your life that is bringing you to starting an online business? 
B. Why do you NEED to start an online business right now?
C. Have you been in business before?
What kind of business?
What where the results?
D. Why did you choose the GOAL Academy at this specific moment?
Question 3:
 What does your dream day look like?
Where do you live?
What are you doing?
Who are you enjoying life with?
How is your business and bank account doing?

From waking up to going to sleep, be as detailed as possible!
Visualize the future you choose to create!

Imagine this as your daily lifestyle as opposed to a vacation.
Question 4:
A. Things I would like to do:
B. Things I would like to Have:
C. Person I would Like to become:
D. How much will it cost for you to create that Dream Lifestyle?
What is the lump sum of cash you need to get started?
Monthly financial maintenance requirements?

Refer back to your previous answers to figure out these costs.
Question 5:
What is the income goal you are 100% committed to in the next 12 months?
Does this goal excite you?
Do you have faith you can achieve this?
Question 6:
Who is going to benefit other than you from your success and freedom?
What specifically will you be doing to support them?
Question 7:
What is your monthly marketing budget?
A number you can 100% commit to for the next 6-12 months.
Question 8:
What is your start up capitol to start your business?
less than $1000
Question 9:
A. Imagine yourself 3 years in the future, living your Perfect Day...
What are the skills you will have to gain to make this goal a reality?
B. What obstacles have you overcome?
What is the #1 thing you had to conquer in order to succeed?
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